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Master of Science in Information Systems — Bridge

Northeastern University’s Master’s in Information Systems — Bridge program is offered on-ground in the San Francisco Bay Area at the Silicon Valley campus in downtown San Jose. Three foundational courses are followed by the standard MSIS curriculum. The program provides a path to an engineering master’s and a career in technology for students who are making a pivot from other fields.

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Pivot to a Career in Technology

Information systems professionals are the knowledge link between business users and technologists. They operate with an understanding of the complexities of engineering, IT management, and business. This integrated, socio-technical skillset is ideal for students and professionals of all backgrounds who are interested in pivoting to an engineering career.

Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Information Systems — Bridge transitions students with unrelated bachelor’s degrees into the standard MSIS curriculum through an initial series of foundational engineering courses. No programming background, pre-calculus, or higher level math is required.

As industries launch into a digitized future, professionals with a clear understanding of how technology can be used to address large societal challenges are in demand. Students with non-technical undergraduate studies and professional experiences are uniquely positioned to marry the perspectives of engineering and their chosen industry.

Through an innovative curriculum and rigorous academic program, students will become problem-solvers who design groundbreaking software solutions. You’ll customize your course of study through electives and a choice of available concentrations.

Your degree will involve a deep level of applied learning with project-based case studies in every course. We also encourage students to plan internships or co-ops as part of their time at Northeastern, and the course is structured to allow flexible scheduling to accommodate work placements.


Northeastern’s master’s in information systems program allows each student to prepare for the career that fits their own aptitudes and interests. You will choose from five concentrations:

  • General Information Systems
  • User Experience
  • Big Data Systems and Analytics
  • Smart Contracts
  • Intelligent Systems

The Silicon Valley campus also offers a blockchain specialization track for students interested in earning their master’s with a focus on cryptocurrency, decentralized cloud storage, digital security, smart contracts, and other distributed ledger applications.

Innovative Curriculum



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