Stuck in a Career Rut? How to Stay Relevant in Silicon Valley

If you work and live in Silicon Valley, you already know how fast and furious things change around here. Companies come and go, new technologies crop up, fortunes rise and fall, whole neighborhoods appear out of nowhere. You may find yourself wondering how you fit in, and more importantly, how to grab a piece of the pie. Even if you already have a foot in the door, you’re likely trying to figure out how to make it to the next level. When you do a job search, do you find lots of intriguing opportunities for which you aren’t quite qualified? You’re definitely not alone.

The nature of work is being transformed everywhere, but especially in Silicon Valley. Skill sets that were in demand at the start of your career are likely less relevant now, especially if you work in a technical field. It can be overwhelming to consider a career change or return to school in midstream; there are often obstacles like finances, family, and work schedules to be overcome. You may worry that investing in a new credential is no guarantee of better pay or more fulfilling work.

Fortunately, employers are desperately seeking talented workers to fill their open positions. There are hundreds of thousands of high-tech positions open in the Bay Area. Industry and educational organizations are actively working on enlarging and diversifying the pipeline of skilled workers.

Here at NEU Silicon Valley, we are laser focused on aligning our academic programs with industry needs and high-demand skill sets. We’re just as dedicated to making these programs work for students, including working adults. Advanced degrees and certification programs are offered with multiple start dates (you don’t have to wait for fall enrollment), evening and weekend class times. Bootcamps focus on finite skill sets such as data analytics that are highly sought after in a wide range of tech positions, from health informatics to data-driven marketing. Most classes are offered in online, on-campus, or hybrid formats. Hybrid courses are a highly effective combination of online assignments and on-the-ground class time for engaging with faculty, fellow students, and guest lecturers.

The most powerful feature of our programs is our pedagogical approach. Experiential learning (learning by doing) is at the heart of all our programs: we emphasize hands-on projects, corporate residencies, and mentorship. We work closely with our partners to provide exposure to industry leaders, real-world projects and problems, and field-tested career advice. Even our campus represents our collaboration with our partners in business—we’re co-located with IDT at their San Jose campus.

Take a look at our offerings, we can’t wait to help you get unstuck and take a leap forward in your education and career. Join our community of enthusiastic, engaged faculty and students in our quest to shape the future of Silicon Valley. 

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